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You should take a HerbalVet Medicinal Mushroom Extract with every bag of dry food you give your dog, to give them a chance.

Nowadays, urban dog owners face an increasing number of chronic dog diseases. Tumours, allergies, and diabetes demand special attention and unfortunately at an increasingly young age.

Today, 30% of dogs will develop cancer at some point in their lives. 1-4% of dogs have diabetes.

Like humans, animals kept indoors in a rhythm of life far removed from nature and fed dry food suffer from so-called urban illnesses similar to those of their owners. The last 100 years have seen a radical change in the composition of the dog’s diet, with a plethora of dog food shops generating a huge turnover and a handsome profit. The owner is given advice that leads him towards even more expensive feeds, and not only from the retailers but also from fellow owners, breeders and even most vets who recommend “good quality” feed. Here is when we end up back in the same place, with the more expensive feed causing unexplained allergy symptoms again and again. Let’s face it, if our dog is not the happy, energetic, bouncy animal he was a year or two ago, and is a bit thinner, a little more aged, then something is not right. This is experienced even in younger dogs. Some of the questions you may be asking are will regular visits to the vet never end?  What or who can we trust? What if we have another dog, will the same thing happen? If the other dog ends up in the same flat, possibly fed a different type of dry food, there is a good chance that they will end up in the same place, unwell at the age of 5-6 years, 8-9 years if I’m lucky.

In veterinary clinics, cancer is treated with chemotherapy with increasingly good results, and allergies are mostly treated with steroids. The itching seems to have been cut off thanks to the steroid treatment. Unfortunately, only for a while. Avoidance of so-called allergens e.g. in the case of chicken allergies, avoiding chicken feed is also a spiral or vortex that pulls you down.

We make organic medicinal mushroom extracts for pets. we offer the answer to these problems. Many dogs with metastatic tumours that looked hopeless have had their quality of life improved dramatically and their lives prolonged.

Few people end up feeding their dog BARF, which you also need to know how to do really well in the long run.

At HerbalVet we do not cure the disease. I have decided in this text not to use professional visual elements such as neovascularisation or apoptotic effect. I am now addressing pet owners. Suffice it to say that if the dog’s immune system is ‘derailed’, it cannot cope with the stresses of the environment, and various diseases develop in response to various influences because the weakened immune system cannot defend itself sufficiently.

Medicinal mushrooms support the extremely complex immune system so that the dog’s body is able to fight off the disease on its own. In humans, lifestyle changes have been the cause of a spectacular rise in heart attacks and cancers since the 1970s. These have been accompanied in the 2000s by new types of increasingly popular diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.

These people are victims, they are not and cannot be blamed, but we are most likely facing lifestyle diseases caused by diet, lack of exercise and environmental stresses such as electrosmog. The same is true for pets. The challenges of a changing environment require different, previously unimagined responses. Owners are not at all responsible for the situation.

Not only has the general public not been informed about it, but there is not even complete agreement in scientific (professional) circles about the value and meaning of the use of medicinal mushrooms.

Lassie arrived at our clinic on 12 May 2022 with a bleeding wound on his mammary tumour. He also had a long-standing tumour on one of his thighs and small lumps in several other places. The tumour on his thigh had previously led to the desire for his leg to be amputated at another clinic. At that time, he did not have such a large mammary tumour. The owner has asked that if his hind legs have to be cut off, he should be put down for good. They went home that day with a large bottle of Tumor medicinal mushrooms and a one-week appointment. After a week I removed the mammary tumour. After 4 days, I was eagerly anticipating the first check-up, when the owner told me that Lassie was livelier than before the surgery, interested and looked much younger than a few weeks ago. He had been eating our Tumor Medicated Mushroom for 11 days!

Well, that can be hoped for in a good case. Of course, there are serious cases that come too late and show no improvement. As long as the immune system can be awakened there is hope regardless of the type, location or type of tumour, nothing is hopeless although there are patients who arrive too late, and all help proves unsuccessful.

In Lassie’s case, the owners had decided that they did not want chemotherapy, and unfortunately, they did not want to spend on a pathological diagnosis, except for surgery, so they put all their hopes and money into medicinal mushroom preparations.

I could tell you about a greyhound with melanoma whose survival rate of 1-2 months has been changed to a year and a half and he is still doing well today.

Within 1-2 weeks of starting to take Metabolic, Zinko the cat with FORL was eating crunchy bites that he hadn’t eaten in 2-3 years. Forl is a tooth malabsorption disorder associated with severe painful gingivitis and slow painful tooth absorption. FORL is one of the most common cat diseases today, affecting 20-70% of cats. To this I say that the development of this disease is neither genetic nor idiopathic, but a consequence of the immune system’s inadequate functioning. I cannot back up my opinion with any scientific facts or experimental research, only experience. Experience is two words: It works. That’s good enough for me. Just let it work. An old cranky furry dog suddenly jumps up again, so much so that you wouldn’t believe it’s the same cat as 2-3 weeks ago.

Today, HerbalVet medicinal mushroom products are a unique and pioneering range of products in Hungary and even in the world. The first chitin-free liquid organic medicinal mushroom extract was developed exclusively for pets. Ganoderma has been known in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, yet it is only in the last decade that it has gained breakthrough recognition in the Western world.

HerbalVet Tumor Organic Liquid Medicinal Mushroom Extract would be at most comparable to other medicinal mushroom products on the market if they were available.

As the capsule products contain mushroom powder, they contain all the active ingredients, but unfortunately also the chitinase of the mushroom. Chitin is not digestible, and products encapsulated in chitin are poorly absorbed, which is why the effectiveness of capsule products is a fraction of that of liquid mushroom extracts. Actually, there are some excellent quality products on the market, mainly for human use, in powder form. The so-called biphasic extraction, using an aqueous and ethanolic fraction, ensures the active ingredient content and chitin-free formulation. The Naja Forest liquid medicinal mushroom products are a sound scientific demonstration of their efficacy. Tumor medicinal mushroom mix contains 5 types of medicinal mushrooms. They work in synergy with each other. The synergistic effect means that the medicinal mushroom ingredients reinforce and enhance each other’s effects. This is the well-known 2+2=5 effect, which is known in biology, but is mathematically unintelligible.

In severe cases of cancer, we usually double the normal dose, often recommending the use of another medicinal mushroom as well at the same time.

I have been working with medicinal mushrooms for more than ten years, and in the last three years, I started the development of the HerbalVet range for pets. I’m a veterinarian, I lived in England for many years. I did a Naturopathic Nutritionist degree at the CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) in Manchester from 2010-2012, that’s where I first heard about these miracle mushrooms. At the time many people mistook it for psychedelic magic mushrooms. Hardly anyone had heard of it at that time, but I’m proud to say that when I moved back home in 2018, I was confronted with the fact that there is much more public awareness of medicinal mushrooms in Hungary than in England. Many people here are familiar with it and believe in it. In recent years, beta-glucans, thought to be the secret wonder drug, have also started to be mentioned in western veterinary medicine at scientific conferences. These are the best-known active ingredients of medicinal mushrooms.

I remember in England, as a veterinarian, I was trying to explain to the practice managers what medicinal mushrooms were for, suggesting that we should try them, and maybe we could use them too. I was always met with stiff rejection (in several places) and even got in trouble because I told the owner frankly that there was nothing else, I could do for the animal, but if he was interested, I could try something new. Unfortunately, he was interested, and then he took it to the boss, who started with the usual homoeopathy cannot be used to cure speech, because everything that is not a product of the big drug companies is the endlessly diluted drugless humbug, i.e. homoeopathy. Magic, witchcraft, quackery.

Well, that’s what I’m offering now, with the difference that I’m much more confident than I was then and as the results come in, I’ve realised many important things.

In the early days of cancer therapy, medicinal mushrooms were renowned for making side effects tolerable, alleviating them, and eliminating them. That is why they had/have a place alongside chemotherapies in cancer therapy.

Fortunately, officially licensed, this began to crop up here and there. Then, slowly, the experience began to accumulate, showing that much better results could be achieved in cancer therapy with medicinal mushrooms than without medicinal mushrooms. Today, I believe that the best chance of success is to use medicinal mushrooms in combination with chemotherapy (in high enough doses for a long period of time). There is human research that shows that for particular cancers, chemo was 40-45%, with medicinal mushrooms 60-65%, and when the two were used together, the cure rate was 90%. Of course, this is not true for all types, but it is acceptable as a basic assumption. In fact, it is very remarkable.

Today in Hungary, the veterinary line has a great advantage over the human medical line, because HerbalVet medicinal mushroom extracts are officially registered as medicinal products by NÉBIH, while the human line can at most sell them as food supplements.

So, it’s an organic product, it’s a premium product, and it’s inescapable because if you’re looking for a demanding and real answer to a problem, I’m convinced that you can’t avoid the use of medicinal mushrooms if you have a dog with cancer. All this is now available at an introductory price.

Medicinal mushrooms do not cause side effects. Not only do they not cause side effects, but they first became known for reducing side effects, as I’ve written. This reminds me, that I do have a story about the unpleasant side effect of medicinal mushrooms.

Another company’s high-quality organic lion’s mane mushroom product was taken by a man who complained that it made his stomach hurt. This is easy enough to prove, he stopped taking it for a while but once he began taking it again, the stomach ache came back again with clockwork precision. He couldn’t understand the problem with this product. It worked for others. He asked the manufacturer, who quite rightly told him that organic lion’s mane mushrooms are of high quality, so something might be wrong with his stomach, which should be tested. Taking the advice, the examining doctor congratulated the patient on the fact that although he had an ulcer, due to this pain he experienced it was caught at an early stage, a state which doesn’t usually produce pain symptoms, but this meant that the prospects for treatment were much better. This example also strengthened my faith. I accepted that these adaptogenic magic mushrooms were really working for us.

Reishi, or Ganoderma lucidum, has been identified as a medicinal mushroom with more than 400 types of biologically active beneficial physiological properties. Of course, vitamin D is one of them, but there are 400 others! You can’t do this synthetically ( luckily) only nature is able to do this. This is how it is able to harmonize the body’s function as an adaptogenic fungus. This means that where the need is greatest, the help is there, so it works differently for everyone. For example, Reishi contains antihypertensive substances that act as beta-blockers, but only reduce abnormally high blood pressure, not low or normal blood pressure. I won’t go into the effects of immunosuppressants, anti-inflammatories, antihistamines, and thousands of others. That’s what professional publications and books are for.

It’s not some useless or cheap dog vitamin or chemo or steroid with its side effects, but something else entirely. It is a novel response to a change in lifestyle. Today, it is an essential life-protecting medicine for immobile dogs that consume a lot of dog food (or canned dog food, dog salami) kept in the city or in the home.

It’s well worth thinking about owners whose dogs are not sick. They are thinking what about my dog, do I need it? Who should use it as a preventive measure?

It may not be necessary to feed medicinal mushroom extracts as a preventive measure to dogs on a BARF diet that are allowed to run free in a yard with sufficient space. In all other cases, it prevents the onset of the unwanted symptoms that are bound to occur, postponing them until much later in life.

Here is an “Is my dog healthy checklist?”. Please fill out the questionnaire. Just tick it and count the ticks at the end. I will not ask for the results, feel free to be honest.

  • How many times a week does my pet eat dry food? For any amount of more than one, please tick.
  • How about other industrially processed dog food? (canned, dog salami?) Any more than one please check.
  • Dog kept indoors.
  • Time for walks? Are you happy with the amount of total time for the walks? Is your dog also content with this? If not, please check.
  • Is the dog overweight?  (Just run your fingers along his chest. If you can easily feel the ribs under the skin, just the skin between your fingers and the ribs, you’re in good shape, if you can see all the ribs, you’re thin. As always there are exceptions to everything, e.g. greyhounds).
  • How old is he? (Deduct two from the result up to age 3, one from the result up to age 5, tick over 6.)
  • Veterinary treatments?  If you have been to the vet more than once in the last year for an illness, tick. Vaccines and worming do not count.

    We also pack a dispensing syringe with each product and our first customers receive a brochure about the mushrooms, the products, and a real guide to mushrooms.

    The golden rule of dosing: The dog dose: 1ml per 10kg, +1ml.

    So, a 15kg dog should be given 2.5ml/day and a 40kg dog 5ml/day.

    Our motto: for every bag of dry food there should be a bottle of HerbalVet Medicinal Mushroom Extract given, to give your dog a chance. Why do we say this?

    The biggest enemy of urban dog ownership has become the food industry.

    Dry food offers a convenient and quick solution to a burning problem – everyday dog feeding – on a tray. Cooking extra for a dog is like having another family member who needs a special diet of HerbalVet HerbalMushrooms.

    Who has the time and energy?

    I have bad news for you. Remember when I wrote that no owner should be held responsible because they are in this situation? That’s true, except for you, who, if you’ve got this far in your reading, you’ve already found out that things can be done, that this is how to do it. Not knowing is an excuse, knowing is a responsibility.